10% of all our proceeds go to the Professor David L. Morris Cancer Research Fund

Professor David L. Morris (MB ChB FRCS FRCSE MD PhD FRACS), is a Clinical Academic (UNSW) and Surgical Oncologist at the St George Hospital in Sydney, who works tirelessly, 365 days of the year, around the clock, performing extensive cancer surgeries of the abdomen with curative purposes. Specialising in major liver cancer and peritoneal surface malignancy surgeries includng cancers of the ovary, appendix, bowel, colorectal and PMP.

Professor Morris practices with a deep passion and sincere commitment to his patients. He is one of the global pioneers of the Peritonectomy and HIPEC (Heated Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy) surgery, involving a large multidisciplinary team of surgeons and specialists, a typical surgery lasting anywhere between 7-18 hours.

Professor Morris practices only in a Public Hospital setting and is training surgeons worldwide in this very specialised surgical technique. Concurrently, Prof runs a cancer research laboratory (The Professor Morris Cancer Research Centre), with pioneering life saving medicines such as BromAC (a patented blend of Bromelain and N-acetylcysteine) and other patented therapies. His surgical brilliance and life long dedication to his patients is second to none, a true Physician of our times.