In Light Wellness was established in 2013 after I had experienced a trauma that left me feeling helpless, hopeless and battling complex PTSD. Thankfully, I had many years experience in teaching and learning yoga therapy, herbalism psychology and other healing modalities. My years of research and training had developed into my own methodology of working through trauma on the anatomical, physiological, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. In Light Wellness retreats and affiliated brands was created as a way to share my powerful knowledge to the many that come to me daily to seek help and guidance through difficult times. 

Lilly's biography

Lilly is a renowned Wellness Mentor, advanced yoga and meditation teacher who comes from a Biomedical Science background majoring in Pharmacology and Organic Chemistry. Her passions in wholistic medicine and emotional healing have taken her around the world studying and learning under world known Himalayan Masters and Energy Healers. She integrates conventional medicine, psychology, herbalism and both emotional and physical healing techniques to create balance and equilibrium in one’s physical and emotional body and life.

Lilly is currently studying her Masters in Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology at the University of Melbourne and has an interest in the relationship between emotional trauma and cancer. Her passions are diverse and include yoga therapy, various meditation modalities, breath work, contrast bathing therapy, nature, art therapy, psychotherapy, epigenetics, healing through whole foods and herbalism.

Lilly’s knowledge in Integrative Oncology has given her the opportunity to help many patients undergoing cancer therapy, achieving great results. Her Wellness Retreats and Programs are attended by many, including Medical Doctors, Naturopaths and Corporate Executives. Lilly also works in an individual capacity with those seeking physical and emotional health by creating individualised protocols which include a combination of supplements, herbs, therapies and other modalities.

Lilly offers her services free of charge to those suffering cancer and on a low income.